Billy Corgan en una entrevista telefónica a RollingStone.com a dicho cosas tal que estas:

A la pregunta:
"Trent Reznor and Radiohead and all kinds of people have been jumping out of the major label system and doing things their own way. Can the labels survive?"

Billy says:
"Well, as long as they have young dumb bands who are willing to sign their lives away, yeah, of course. The label's going to continue to sell them that they're star makers. They're not star makers. Stars are born. MTV and the labels and secret people you don't know about don't run the music business any more. MySpace runs the music business now. Lots of other people run the music business now."

A la pregunta:
"So it's safe to say that now that you are free of your contracts you're not going to be rushing to sign a new deal?"

Billy says:
"Well, I think it's kind of interesting and it's a vulnerable thing to say: People aren't beating our doors down to sign us, either. It's not that we're not desirable. We're not dumb. They're not going to be able to sell us their soap they're going to sell a twenty-two-year-old. And that's why they don't want to do business with us.

They're still trying to sell you on the idea that they know something that you don't know. But if you look at the numbers, they don't, they know less than the consumer. The consumer's been telling them for ten years they don't want albums. So what do they do? They continue to try to sell them albums. The consumer says that they don't want to pay $15 for fifteen songs when they only want one song. What do they try to do? They try to shove albums down their throat."

Pues ya está. Por cierto, The Smashing Pumpkins acaba de denunciar a su [ex] compañia Virgin por un desengaño publicitario, o algo así.

Dime más verdades, Billy.

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